Mr. Neja Fedil. Tobitu Tuta, Ethiopia.

The Neja Fadil wet mill has registered about 250 farmers who are located in the villages surrounding the wet mill (in Tobitu Tuta Kebele). This lot (from 45 of the 250 registered farmers) is unique, in that – even as part of the coffee powerhouse Guji region – only over the past few years have residents of Tobitu Tuta begun farming coffee. Mr.Neja Fedil is a recent arrival to coffee export, having built his washing station in 2017 after working for several years as a coffee collector on commission for other washing stations. In his youth (and recently) Neja played on his local district football (soccer) team. As is becoming increasingly common at private washing stations in Ethiopia now, the station is currently expanding registration of farmer suppliers and launching agronomy trainings to expand quality control to the farm level.

Guji Uraga Neja Fadil, Ethiopia


A smallholder lot from the Guji Region with notes of cardamom, key lime, tangerine, apricot, yellow cake. Delicious. This coffee is currently in my glass.


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2150 MASL

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Smallholder around Tobitu Tuta, Central Washing Station




Oromia, Guji Zone, Uraga Woreda, Tobitu Tuta Kebele

Full Cupping Notes

Cardamom, key lime, tangerine, apricot, yellow cake

Katie's Cupping Notes

Initially it has an interesting subtle floral scent. I do get the key lime. Drinking it reveals the sweet flavors. Makes me feel like I'm eating a decadent dessert in a fancy restaurant.

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Tobitu Tuta, Ethiopia
XJC2+65 Haro, Ethiopia
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